The Cyborg Anthology (2020)
a full-length poetry collection available from Brick Books
Shepherd’s Crossing (2020)
a table-top role-playing game that takes place in a magic school adjacent to Toronto
A True Story of Good News (2019)
a poem about dead cows in the Small Towns issue of Poetry is Dead
Snoot (2019)
a poem about snoots and snootiness in the League of Canadian Poets Poetry Pause
Once (2018)
a poem about eating bugs in PeachMag’s With You: Withdrawn Poetry of the #MeToo Movement
Our Cyborg History (2017)
a chapbook about a cyborg organization in the future published by bird, buried press
Our Cyborg History Reading (2017)

a reading at the bird, buried press Robot Collection launch


a found-poetry prayerbook compiled from notes jotted down over a three year period
Saint Clones (2016)
a tabletop role-playing game created for a youth group, with players acting as reanimated Saints
Pretty Patreaties (2012)
a poetry chapbook collaboration with a three and five year old
Other Saskatchewan Ghosts (2011)
a photography series that accidentally applied digital glitches to ghost town images
Saskatchewan Ghost Towns (2010)
a photography series taken in Saskatchewan ghost towns and abandoned buildings
Cyborg 23 (2009)
four poems were published in the SFU Writer’s Studio Anthology, but the other three are included in ‘The Cyborg Anthology’ so here’s the rejected one
Boreal Forest Expedition (2008)
a short super8 documentary about fur-trapping and family secrets
Main Street (2007)
a chapbook created for an Urban Poetics class about an area of Main Street in Vancouver
a reading at the ENGL 372 Creative Writing class party

Photo Credits to Andy Carroll and Frank Lee