Who needs Paris when you’ve got Hafford?


Well, here they are finally, in all their glory – the photographs from our staycations/holistays in the rural areas around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

These decaying homes and communities are a rich reminder of the history of the province. They remind us of where we came from and where we’re heading.

It’s been a pleasurable, meaningful and inexpensive experience –
to travel to and document the remnants of disappearing places,
to remember and imagine the people that lived there, and
to get to know the constantly changing communities and landscapes surrounding us.

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The Crooked Bush, SK

“The Crooked Bush is a group of wild aspen trees that do not grow straight up as normal trees but rather they twist, loop and bend into the eeriest of forests. Not ten meters away from the Crooked Bush is a group of normal growing aspens that grow straight and tall.”
(Crooked Bush Information Pamphlet)

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Pick a place in Saskatchewan you’ve never been before and go!

ghost town-ing in saskatchewan. a bise-en-scene weekend getaway.

We thought we would share the information we’ve dredged up about ghost town exploring in Saskatchewan. It sounds like there’s a kabillion of them, and it seems like a nostalgic, educational and interesting alternative to the casino or spa.

We’ve picked a few places and we’re  go! -ing tomorrow. We’ll let you, yes you, know how it goes.

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