Here’s a few little chapbooks and children’s books in pdf form, for free. Enjoy!

I looked at a different prayer every week for over three years, keeping track of them in a document. The prayers were listed alphabetically by the author’s first name, but I also jotted a quick note about the content of the prayer. These notes read like a disjointed prayer of their own, so I made them into a little prayerbook. I allowed line breaks and making them into titles, but otherwise they are as they were. Click the link below.


I took a wonderful course in university about Urban Poetics. The poems I wrote for the class were about the area of Vancouver I lived in at the time. I compiled them into a chapbook, which you can read by clicking the link below.

Main Street

When my kid turned three, one of the things she asked for was a book called 96. Being a writer, I had to comply! Thus began my foray into writing personalized kids books. The pictures are a mixture of crudely-drawn images, stamps, and cut-outs from old/recycled books. Click the links below for scanned copies of the handmade books I made for some lil darlings. (The scans are a bit crude, but you’ll get the idea.)


Working Together

Here’s a blackout poetry chapbook created from the dialogue of a television news broadcast in Vancouver in 2007. Click below for the PDF.