Publishing News – The Cyborg Anthology and Peach Mag

Many of you have heard about the poetry collection I’ve been working on for FOREVER, “The Cyborg Anthology”. Well, it’s finally getting published. It’ll be out in Fall 2020 from Brick Books. I’ve also got a poem in this anthology: With You: Withdrawn Poetry of the #MeToo Movement. All profits from the anthology go to the TIME’S UP … Continue reading Publishing News – The Cyborg Anthology and Peach Mag

Shepherd’s Crossing RPG

I finally finished the first adventure for the Shepherd’s Crossing Role-Playing Game! My crew played it through with much fun and merriment. The Shepherd’s Crossing RPG takes place at a School for Magic in Toronto. Players are about to begin their first day at school when things go awry. It’s up to the team to … Continue reading Shepherd’s Crossing RPG

Our Cyborg History

I’ve got a chapbook being released through bird, buried press! The launch is this Saturday. (event link)  It’s a selection from The Cyborg Anthology, with exclusive poems that aren’t in the full collection. The chapbook will be available for purchase through the bird, buried press Etsy page. UPDATE: Some photos from the launch (below) and click … Continue reading Our Cyborg History

Saint Clones RPG

During my stint as a youth minister, we played an ongoing RPG where the teens were brought-back-to-life saints. I finally got around to compiling and editing so I can share it online. The Saint Clones RPG: A nefarious cleric has used ancient DNA to bring long-dead saints back to life. Since this process would be … Continue reading Saint Clones RPG

Out of Context Sunday School

You find some strange things sorting through store rooms and filing cabinets in old Anglican churches. Recently, I came across a decades old scrapbook with Bible stories for children glued into it. Instead of just recycling the crumbling book, I brought it home with the intention of cutting out the images for art projects. As I … Continue reading Out of Context Sunday School