Sisters of Mercy Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Sisters of Mercy, our newest project. Watch our trailer on Youtube, comment with your hopes and dreams for female superhero characters, give us some encouragement, share with your friends and followers, show us some love!

Sometimes ridiculous and sometimes dead serious, Sisters of Mercy applies a feminist lens to the superhero genre. It’s about complicated and complex women characters, women working together, women making jokes – starring two women of colour!

In the vein of Buffy and Supernatural, the series treads the line between comedy and drama. With snappy dialogue, ridiculous monsters and adorable sidekicks, the Sisters of Mercy Team fight evil while interacting with relevant social issues.

Follow along with the production blog, HERE, for more information.

sisters of mercy press release pdf

A True Story of Good News

And then there were all of those dead cows, one by one, torn
to pieces on the tracks. The power company had
downed a fence and the cows escaped. But being
winter on the prairies, the snow drifts were high. Only
the railroad tracks rose through the snow, forming
a pathway to freedom. Single file, sixteen cows marched,
those proud brave pioneers. The train came,

full speed, took them out, one by one, spraying cow bits
over the undisturbed snow. The conductor shivered, felt
a drum beat, sixteen times it thumped before it stopped.

Shortly after, my father snowmobiled past, but returned again
with an empty wagon, filling it for the dogs.
My uncle joined him, his own furry mouths to feed,
and then they left. Until

the next snowfall, this mile or so
of railway track in this remote prairie field
was outlined with a spray of
red brown blood, one by one,

sixteen dead cows had lived and died for the dogs. Praise them.

Nicholas’ Top Pick of 2012

Nicholas Bradford-Ewart’s Favourite Film of 2012


Holy Motors dir. Leos Carax (2002)


Holy Motors

Honourable Mention:
The Cabin in the Woods
Beasts of the Southern Wild
The Master
Moonrise Kingdom
The Avengers

Films of 2012 I’d still like to see
Post Tenebras Lux
Life of Pi
The Hobbit
Midnight’s Children

I didn’t get out much this year. I spent the majority of my free time finishing our first feature-length film, “Where The Ground Won’t Shake” (hopefully coming to a theatre near you in 2013.) This year was really the “Year of Television.” We flew through great shows like, “Mad Men,” “Adventure Time,” “Breaking Bad” “Parks and Recreation” “30 Rock” and “Louie” – all of which are amazing.

I didn’t find this year’s crop of films particularly inspiring. Although good, my viewing of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” feels more like going through the motions than really being taken by something special. P.T. Anderson’s “The Master,” which is also good, didn’t quite do it for me (this one, I really should see again.) “The Cabin in the Woods” was surprisingly great and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” had a lot going for it. I enjoyed them and I would see them again, but in the end “Holy Motors” was the one film that really captivated me. I’d say it not only captivated me, but rekindled my love of film. I highly recommend it.