Where the Ground Won’t Shake

Our feature length film is now available to watch for free online. “Where The Ground Won’t Shake” was created as a hybrid-fiction anthology revolving around the concept of safety in the Canadian Prairies. The film employs a number of different cinematic styles and covers a variety of themes, such as the lingering remnants of colonization/systematic abuse of First Nations people, modern evangelicalism, near death experiences, and the search for a sense of sanctuary in a harsh landscape.

Thanks to all our backers, supporters, and contributors for making this happen. We’re very proud of it.

10 to 12

I was chatting with some people online, and someone suggested that the 10 Commandments could be written more like the A.A. 12 Steps. Here’s what I came up with.

We honoured God as Creator and gave God a special place in our lives.
We showed reverence towards God, respecting the words and images that symbolize God to ourselves and others.
We remembered to worship God and to honour ourselves through rest and prayer.
We esteemed those who care for and about us, our chosen family.
We treated all life as sacred and deserving of dignity.
We respected our own bodies and the bodies of other people.
We were generous with our resources, taking care of those in need.
We told the truth about ourselves and others.
We honoured our beloveds and respected other peoples relationships.
We were grateful for what we have.