tim hortons ruined doughnuts, so we made our own

You would think you’d be able to find a good doughnut in a Canadian Metropolis. We took the kids out a few nights ago, telling them we would get them a doughnut. We refuse to get those sawdust-mixed-with-water-and-covered-with-sweetened-plastic lumps they sell at Tim Hortons, so we did some web searching and went to a grocery … Continue reading tim hortons ruined doughnuts, so we made our own

Who needs Paris when you’ve got Hafford?

THE SASKATCHEWAN GHOST TOWN PHOTO SERIES: Well, here they are finally, in all their glory – the photographs from our staycations/holistays in the rural areas around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! These decaying homes and communities are a rich reminder of the history of the province. They remind us of where we came from and where we’re heading. … Continue reading Who needs Paris when you’ve got Hafford?

Res Nullius

Res Nullius is a photo series that uses digital recovery software as an unpredictable processing element in photographic reconstruction. Digital photographs were taken in several Saskatchewan “ghost towns”. These digital photos were then deleted, although the information remained in a fractured and fragile state. Specialized digital recovery processes were used to “recover” the files. Due … Continue reading Res Nullius