Lindsay’s first full-length poetry collection, The Cyborg Anthology, is published by Brick Books, available now.

Lindsay B-e is a writer and filmmaker. Their writing has previously appeared in Poetry is Dead, the League of Canadian Poets Poetry Pause, Geez Magazine, PeachMag, the SFU Writer’s Studio emerge Anthology and a chapbook from bird, buried press. Their films have played around the world at festivals such as The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, The Cambridge International Super8 Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival and the Yorkton Film Festival.

Lindsay has a BA in English and a BFA in Filmmaking from Simon Fraser University. They have a Creative Writing Certificate in Poetry from The Writer’s Studio at SFU, and are pursuing a Creative Writing Certificate in the Novel-Writing stream at the University of Toronto Continuing Studies.

Lindsay B-e grew up in the village of Clavet, Saskatchewan (Treaty 6 territory) and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario (Treaty 13 territory). They have two kids, two dogs, and two cats.


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An explanation of biseenscene:

Lindsay’s online username has multiple pronunciations and meanings.

outline of bison on pink

The name first came into existence as bise-en-scene when filming bison on a Super8 camera, a pun on the term mise-en-scene. (bees-un-sun) It can also be parsed as a bisexuality visibility moniker, bi-seen-scene. (bye-seen-seen) It shares auditory qualities with B-e too. (bee-sen-seen) Other options: (bye-sun-sun) (biz-in-seen) (etc)

Photo Credits to Lindsay B-e