I’m Lindsay B-e, aka Bise-en-Scene, a Toronto-based filmmaker/writer/etc. My films have played at festivals such as The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, The Cambridge International Super8 Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival and the Yorkton Film Festival. My writing has appeared in Geez magazine, the SFU Writer’s Studio emerge anthology, the Rat’s Ass Review, and more.

I’m married to another filmmaker, and we have two kids, two dogs, and a cat. In my free time, I like to: walk around town cooing at cute dogs/cats/squirrels; tell stories to children at Anglican/United churches; be a Game-Master of nerdy RPG games; create elaborate family costumes for Comic Expos; and systematically decimate capitalism, racism and the cisheteropatriarchy *.

You can email me at lindsay@biseenscene.com, or contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.

she/her or they/them