I need some advice.

The kids will sit and listen to chapter books now! I haven’t been this excited since the day they were born ;). (My parenting daydreams are mostly about sitting around and reading great books with my kids.)

Now that my dreams are coming true, I must confess to a lack of knowledge about children’s chapter books. I remember the favourites from my childhood (Pippi!), but I’m sure there’s lots I don’t know about. The kids are pretty young yet (3 and 4), so it’s too early for Harry Potter and the like. Can you recommend any books for me to read to them? Extra points for books with feminist/queer/radical/etc underpinnings!

Pictured: what we’ve got so far.

6 thoughts on “Recommendations for this New Era

  1. Thanks for the recommends everybody. I’ll probably get all of them! Here’s a list of the ones that were suggested on fb:

    A book called “My Side of the Mountain” I think by Jean Creighead (?) George about a boy who runs away from home and hollows out a tree to live in.

    Raggedy Ann and Andy have some longer books from the original series that would be fun. Also the real OZ books, although sometimes the chapters were a bit long for a squirmy kid. They might also be ready for Little Pilgrim’s Progress (Helen Taylor’s adaptation of John Bunyan).

    Not a chapter book: I Want My Hat Back. I lol’d.
    Chapter Book: Hugo Cabret, Catwings by Ursula LeGuin, Any Judy Blume.

    I liked Madeleine L’Engle, Lois Lowry, John Bellairs (scary books), and especially Monica Hughes. Also how has no one mentioned Rauld Dahl? The BFG is one of my favourite books of all time. It deals with bullying, being different, and farting. ^_^ And Rauld Dahl turned down a knighthood because of his personal views on elitism and the monarchy. That’s pretty interesting.

    The Little Prince, Matilda

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