Anything you want, you got it.

The younger kid turned three recently. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. This was her list:

A car with a girl driver
A car with a boy driver
A little ipod “just for me”
A movie about a tiger
Big sandals
A blue hat
ABC Candles
A book called “96”
The Secret of Nimh book
A flower game
a wolf toy
a book about monkeys
3 candles

What could I do? I got her everything.

Some of the items were a bit more difficult than others. I got her an electronic vaguely-ipod-shaped toy, glued pictures of a boy and a girl to some toy cars, downloaded a kid movie about tigers, searched for an hour in a used bookstore for the Rats of Nimh book and bought everything else at various dollar stores in the area.

And I also made her a book called “96.” From scratch. It took me forever. I had a blank Little Golden Book that we got in a gift set, and cut two characters out of a comic book.

Here’s a pdf copy of the entire thing: 96

She wanted pasta for her birthday dinner. We had pasta. She wanted a Madeline cake…

her aunt got her one.

What a lucky little kid!

For the record, we asked her what she wanted to do while she was 3. This is what she said:

Eat more cake.

Ride a horsie.

See a donkey.

Go to Ikea.

What a joy to be able to give her the things she asks for! One day, I’m sure she’ll ask for a car or tickets to a pop-star concert in LA. But I’m so pleased that, for her third birthday, I was able to indulge her cute toddler requests.

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