My kids will be part of the first generation whose lives are completely intertwined with technology.

They’re two and three years old. They know how to operate a mouse, navigate an iPhone, open programs, take photos with the web-cam, play various games on the iPhone and Nintendo Wii and more. They are able to perform these actions with no adult assistance. Their little brains are adept and adaptable; they are learning verbal language and technological language at the same time. They communicate to their grandparents and aunts/uncles, forming meaningful relationships, through Skype. The three-year-old is learning her numbers and alphabet not just from books, but from the keyboard as well.

Here’s some of the things they’ve made using tech tools:

(using the Mac PhotoBooth program, the cellphone camera and a plastic children’s camera [which they broke])

(made with the children’s camera and PhotoBooth)

(written on the notes program on the ipod touch)



ewacbbhffggnnbc v. Vcxxxxxzfyuhlkkknjjggttttgjjjjjjjhhjkkjjjjkjjjbvccvbbvj.JuyggggghHhhg
Zzzz.     Ll.


(the three-year-old’s first photoshop)

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