Res Nullius

Res Nullius is a photo series that uses digital recovery software as an unpredictable processing element in photographic reconstruction. Digital photographs were taken in several Saskatchewan “ghost towns”. These digital photos were then deleted, although the information remained in a fractured and fragile state. Specialized digital recovery processes were used to “recover” the files. Due to the nature of various compression formats and the limitations of the software, each ghost town photograph is uniquely recreated. The resulting images are a cyborg construction of both human and technological intentions.

Res Nullius is a work set within the Canadian landscape tradition that offers a dialogue between formalist considerations of digital photography, and the morphology of prairie perspectives. Res Nullius draws upon crumbling icons of Saskatchewan’s past in order to reflect upon the processes of change, decay and new constructions. Through exploring the recesses of Saskatchewan and then the recesses of a deleted hard drive, Res Nullius conveys a fascination with resilience and the ghostly nature of abandoned spaces.

You can view the images below, or click here to visit the smugmug gallery.

Published by

Lindsay B-e

canadian writer-filmmaker-artist

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