“The Crooked Bush is a group of wild aspen trees that do not grow straight up as normal trees but rather they twist, loop and bend into the eeriest of forests. Not ten meters away from the Crooked Bush is a group of normal growing aspens that grow straight and tall.”
(Crooked Bush Information Pamphlet)

Directions to the Crooked Bush:

Start at Hafford, Saskatchewan.
Anyone in town will be able to give you directions.


14.5 km west on hwy 40, past Speers to the Flint Rd.
North 16 km
East 2.5 km

There are signs on the back roads.
Coordinates: 52.783178, -107.538533

BONUS: We had a forty-pound-burger-party at the *now sadly closed* Silver Sword and Chalice. Here’s an animated gif to celebrate the experience:

The instructions they handed out at the Silver Sword and Chalice restaurant in Hafford. It says “Green Johnson”, but green is just the colour of the sign, not part of the name. Also, it might be Jackson or something else similar, not Johnson.

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