wtf stories from elementary school

Here are two stories, one by Lindsay and one by Nicholas, both written for computer classes in grade three or five. I’ve preserved the grammar and spelling errors, WHICH IS DIFFICULT TO DO IN THE DAYS OF SPELLCHECK. Enjoy.


Once a long time ago (about last Tuesday) there lived a girl named Don. She was always taking dares.

One night Don took a dare to go to old Mr. Henderson’s house. They say he was killed in his backyard. He haunts his house now.

It was thundering and lightning so it was harder for Don to go in. She walked in the house and up a creeky staircase. Don was scared out of her mind, but she kept going. She walked through a broken down doorway. The wind was whistling. It was pitch black. She walked through another spooky doorway. She thought she was going crazy. Still there in the room was PRETTY WOMAN WALKING THROUGH THE DARK.


By: Jannine Strunk and Lindsay Bradford (Clavet Elementary School, Clavet SK)


Three weeks before Christmas Santa had a big problem. There was not many elves to make any toys for Christmas. So Santa had to go to green mountin. But he had to pass the Miesstro brothers and a few of their friend like a Gladiator. And he lives right about a quarter of a mile away from the Miesstro brothers. So santa was off on his incredible journey. Now Santa was is devils gate. There he met a terrible killer koala that breathes fire. the killer koala shot a flame fire at Santa, Santa ducked and the killer koala missed mh. Santa was scared out of his wits. So Santa ran as fast as he could go, and kicked open devils gate. Finaly Santa was safe but not for long he had to pass the earthquacke that just accured that second, it started softly and pretty soon Santa was shaking up and down but it was not just an earthquacke it was a huge snack Santa didn’t know how he could get out of this problem. The killer koala shot a flame at Santa but he missed Santa and hit the snake, it didn’t hurt the snake but it slithered into the ground wheww what a relief, then Santa saw is sleigh and his reindeer’s then he new he had to get home fast. Then he saw blck shadow {the smartest of them all} he could douplacate in to 10’s, sudnly he saw a black shadow behined him Santa took out a flash light turned it on and punted it at the shadow because they hait light. Sudinly it disaperd, the shadow said “you have beatedn one of my shadow’s but I have plenty more” he said in a low voues. Then Santa saw anuthere shadow Santa turned on his flash light but the batoreas where out, the shadow shout a laser at Santa. He pulled out a mear, the laser shout back at the shadow and then it disapeared. Santa puled out anuther flash light turned it on at the real black shadow then he disapered. Then Santa stared to walk on sundly he saw the Miesstro brothers. One of them throw a iceakl at Santa, Santa duked and the iceakl smashed on a rock. That rock happen to be anuther eanmy it was caled a rock gard. Then the other Miesstro

By: Nick Ewart (Lord Baden Powell Elementary School, Coquitlam BC)

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