ghost town-ing in saskatchewan. a bise-en-scene weekend getaway.

We thought we would share the information we’ve dredged up about ghost town exploring in Saskatchewan. It sounds like there’s a kabillion of them, and it seems like a nostalgic, educational and interesting alternative to the casino or spa.

We’ve picked a few places and we’re  go! -ing tomorrow. We’ll let you, yes you, know how it goes.

*update: read our ghost towning guide by clicking here*


(a real saskatoon billboard from 2005)


“It’s been estimated that half of all towns that ever existed in Saskatchewan are now ghost towns. A southern stretch of highway reveals just how true this is. The Ghost Town Trail is dotted with tiny farming communities, once thriving, now all but abandoned. In their heyday, these towns were buoyed by a spirit of pioneer optimism. In the early 1900s, the Canadian government had offered free land to settlers, an opportunity that beckoned to many farmers south of the 49th parallel. The region promised a fabulous wheat harvest and, in the first two decades of farming, it delivered. But the Depression and the long drought of the 1930s ended high hopes, as farmers lost land and families went hungry. While a fraction of them managed to hang on to their farms, it would not be forever. Over the next 70 years and even today, the disappearance of farming towns in south Saskatchewan continues.”

David Vaisbord/Leigh Badgley …… In Sight Film & Video Productions …… Ghost Town Trail, Saskatchewan (Part of the Ghost Towns of Canada series) …… 23 min, 2002

Source of Image, and entire book called “Saskatchewan Ghost Towns” by Frank Moore, click here

Another Informative Site, by Johnnie Bachusky

List of ghost towns in Saskatchewan :a pdf from Wikipedia

to see the SK ghost town photo series, go HERE

6 thoughts on “Pick a place in Saskatchewan you’ve never been before and go!

  1. Hey Biseenscene,
    On a similar note,, Even though the sport of rodeo has been around almost forever, the National Finals Rodeo, or NFR as it is commonly called, has a much more recent history. The first National Finals Rodeo was held at the Dallas State Fair Grounds in 1959, and since then, the NFR has gone through many interesting changes including a name change in 2001 to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.
    Good Job!

    1. Who has gather this informatin ghost of sask good work .
      My husband and myself are born and raised in sk We have done this holiday ghost towns of sk.
      Looking at the list of ghost towns col
      fax sk is missing. I have travel there and all that is left is the town sign. As teenager I went to many dances in the town hall.

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