L: Can I get you to describe your dream house?
N: (snickers) (long pause) Can I ask a question?
L: (laughs) What?
N: Do you mean like Barbie’s dream house or…
L: No.
N: Or a house that I really like … to live in?
L: Yeah.

N: I don’t know. At this point, a house will do.
L: Just, you know, do you wanna have a mystery house? Do you want to have a library? I thought you’d have an answer to this.
N: Yeah, um… sure. It uh… (long pause) well, I don’t know, like the houses on the islands, the little islands. Um…
L: Why?
N: Why.
L: And what about them?
N: Well, I’d like a house on an island ’cause it’s kinda… there’s water everywhere. It’s isolated. Picturesque. Um, yeah like a little house, it doesn’t have to be too big. Space for some books and a little studio or something. Place for the kids. Garden. That’s about it… What?
L: I dunno.
N: Okay. What?
L: Nothing else? This is dream house. This is, this isn’t like your rational…
N: Well, c’mon, you just ambush me here. I don’t know what you’re gonna use this for. We were talking about artists, ’cause they understand.
L: Huh?
N: Well, remember when Pablo and Tony were here?
L: What?
N: We were talking about artists.
L: What about?
N: And interviewing artists. Because artists know like…
L: Oh. It’s, it’s, I’m just using it to understand your style of speech.
N: Oh.
N: I’m feeling self-conscious.
L: Like don’t you want some sort of a sweet lever that you pull and the fireplace spins around and you can go into another room with it?
N: You see, I feel like you’re trying to trick me.
(end simultaneous)
L: No, I’m not!
N: Um, no. I just want a boat, with uh…
L: Do you want a houseboat?
N: No no, I just want, I wanna boat to get there. You have to take a boat to get there.
L: Oooo.
N: And uh, it’d be nice, you know, kinda like… I dunno, made of wood. No stucco or cement or anything like that. Just nice wood cabin-ish. No, wood house. I don’t know.
L: (snickers)
N: What? Now it’s… self-conscious.
L: Are you done?
N: Yes.
L: Is that all?
N: Yes.
L: There’s nothing else you’d like to tell me about your house? No colours, no smells?
N: No.

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