in geez magazine, the picture and the poem.

repress, address:
the holy revolution

(with reference to and inspired by Sarah Jones, Gil Scott-Heron)

the church is a hierarchy, and women
are at the bottom, rung, high/d, arche-
typed speech, shhhhhh silence.

my breath is not sanctified
by the broth__hood of
man, what the hell
have we been doing all these (f)(t) years?
between these (th) sighs, tending + mending
pretending to be less, confess
to the Virgin, the Bride, the Mother of _____,

thank you
I’ll decide if I’m hailed or I’m nailed,
defined by entrails,
kept in a “god-is-in-the-kitchen-too” type-a j/ail.
sold out for _______. no doubt for _______.

because yours is not a revolution, I’m _____ to say,
it’s a de-
evolution, salute (shun) brigade.

your church may preach that the hus-man’s the master,
responsi (ve/ble) for his wo-wife, her _____,
sssssssssssss). o.

now I’m not a p/reacher, but a woman, using Words,
although my sex was not crucified, I’m justified
and heard:  a resounding, confounding, core(-pounding)

your “revolution” will happen when we kneel down and
sit stand jump fuck birth jump burn –
it’ll be televised, compart(mental)ized, re-re-re-
evangelized, but

this va-va-va-voice
won’t shut-up-shut-up
varied, vindictive, ad-
vocating choice, not just
for production, induction but too:
that your God chose me –same– as your God chose you.

the church can’t de-
fin(l)e my existence, I know,
I’m e-pissed-em-o-logical, sanctified
and pure-
ly sur(e)ly, God’s on my side,
because God wouldn’t leave the women to
_____, be sure,
there’s a revolution here,
it’s w/holy raunch fully staunch, cleaving and
leaving the church, its rungs and its steeple,
unwilling to change, fading away, I’m _____ to say, but:

The revolution will not happen between your pews.
The revolution will not happen between your pews.
The revolution will not happen between your p.-ews.

Your revolution will not happen.

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