My first student films are so “film-school” it hurts!

Here’s my very first film, made by scratching 16mm film stock:



Here’s my next 16mm film. It’s about 3 women exploring the distinctions and expectations with binary systems, or something like that. I don’t know. The music is so over-the-top awkward. Eep:




The following films are from a student film project, called So Much For Sunday. It is a series of poems, songs/sounds and 16mm film loops that were originally presented as a continuous projection. They’re edited together for these YouTube clips. Some of the poems were written in high school. Also, I was going through a lot of religious crap at the time. Don’t judge me:






Here’s the first collaborative project we did at school, shot on 16mm. I have lots of warm memories from shooting this one:

This one is from an Early Video class. I hated most of the stuff we watched, so for my project, I just turned a video camera on my dog and rabbit for 6 minutes. Even though I put in zero effort, I was still mad about my bad grade. It’s nice to have a video of cute puppy Kierkegaard though:

I made this one for an English class, it’s hand-processed Super8 taped off the wall, so apologies for the quality:

For my film sound class, we had to replace the sound in an already-existing film. So I chose the Jesus film. I told you, I was going through a lot of religious crap at the time. LOL at the terrible voice acting:

Also from my Early Video course, I got an A+ on this one. It’s a short story written, quite literally, for the screen. The words slowly scroll up the screen, and that’s it.

I legitimately love this one, also created for a film sound class. It’s hand-processed Super8 (videotaped off the wall, apologies for quality), and the music is from an old keyboard from my childhood and a music box from my Mum.

Lastly, a film-poem I made for an Urban Poetics class.

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