Lindsay Be.


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I'm Lindsay B-e. I grew up in small-town Saskatchewan, and now live in Toronto. My films have played at festivals such as The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, The Cambridge International Super8 Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival and the Yorkton Film Festival. My writing has appeared in Peach Mag, the League of Canadian Poets Poetry Pause, Geez Magazine, the SFU Writer’s Studio emerge anthology, and a chapbook published by bird, buried press. My first full-length book will be out in Fall 2020. I'm married to another filmmaker, and we have two kids, two dogs, and two cats. they/them.

The Cyborg Anthology

The Cyborg Anthology is a collection of biographies and poems written by Cyborgs in the future. It’s my first full-length book, and it will be out in Fall 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

Role-Playing Games

Shepherd’s Crossing and Saint Clones are table-top role-playing games created for use with younger players. Saint Clones takes place in an ancient cavernous church and Shepherd’s Crossing takes place in a School for Magic in Toronto. You can find materials for these games at the links below.

Chapbook and Children’s Books

I’ve always got projects on the go, and will share them when I can. You can find a few li’l chapbooks and children’s books in PDF form at the link below.