Lindsay Be.


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I’m Lindsay B-e, a Toronto-based filmmaker/writer/etc. I’m married to another filmmaker, and we have two kids, two dogs, and two cats. they/them.

The Cyborg Anthology

The Cyborg Anthology is a collection of biographies and poems written by Cyborgs in the future. The full manuscript is currently being offered to publishers, but part of the book can be purchased in chapbook form at the button above.

Role-Playing Games

Shepherd’s Crossing and Saint Clones are table-top role-playing games created for use with large groups of younger players. Saint Clones takes place in an ancient cavernous church and Shepherd’s Crossing takes place in a School for Magic in Toronto.

Saskatchewan Ghost Towning

A few years back, we travelled around rural Saskatchewan, visiting ghost towns and taking photographs. The photos and guide continue to be the most visited pages on this website.