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Lindsay’s writing skills have recently been put to use with Farmer Vision, co-writing the Sisters of Mercy Webseries, among other projects currently in pre-production.

She also runs a popular Tumblr blog about female friendship: RN-BFF

She has a long-term goal of finishing a collection of cyborg poems (excerpt, HERE), a multi-genre sci-fi novel about revenge and consequences (poem excerpt, HERE) and a nerdy board game.

Lindsay Bradford-Ewart attended an SFU Continuing Studies program called The Writer’s Studio. Through it, she received a certificate in creative writing, in poetry. She had four poems published in the student anthology, emerge, and had the opportunity to read at the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival:

When she can find the time, Lindsay likes to contribute to literary readings. She contributed to Tonight it’s Poetry while in Saskatoon and contributed to events associated with TWS when she was in Vancouver. Here she is reading at Blenz cafe in Vancouver:

Her spoken word poem/rant “Repress, Address: The Holy Revolution” was published in Geez magazine, winning an honourable mention in the Sermons You Won’t Hear in Church contest.



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