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Uncanny X-men Activity Book from 1983

March 24, 2014

Uncanny Xmen Activity Book from 1983

I loved THIS POST on io9, so I compiled the pics into a printable pdf.

Thought I’d share it. My kids loved it despite not understanding why I think it’s so funny.

Xmen Activity Book – CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF

Sisters of Mercy Trailer

March 3, 2014

Here’s the trailer for Sisters of Mercy, our newest project. Watch our trailer on Youtube, comment with your hopes and dreams for female superhero characters, give us some encouragement, share with your friends and followers, show us some love!

Sometimes ridiculous and sometimes dead serious, Sisters of Mercy applies a feminist lens to the superhero genre. It’s about complicated and complex women characters, women working together, women making jokes – starring two women of colour!

In the vein of Buffy and Supernatural, the series treads the line between comedy and drama. With snappy dialogue, ridiculous monsters and adorable sidekicks, the Sisters of Mercy Team fight evil while interacting with relevant social issues.

Follow along with the production blog, HERE, for more information.

sisters of mercy press release pdf

New Zealand Lord’s Prayer

October 4, 2013

New Zealand Lord's Prayer

I really love this version of the Lord’s prayer. The photo is from British Columbia though, not NZ. If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to an online version of the entire New Zealand Prayer book.

Adventure Time Hama Beads

August 15, 2013

The kids and I made a whole lot of Adventure Time characters with the hama beads. I found lots of the patterns online, and made up others. We were missing a lot of colours, so we had to make due (hence PB’s red hair.) The kids designed and made all the swords.

Updating. Updating. Updating.

March 16, 2013

Things have been pretty quiet over here at the Bise-en-Scene blog, mostly because we’ve been applying ourselves to our new production company – Farmer Vision.


Check out the website for lots more info.

Here’s a quick update:


We’re promoting a web-series called Irresistible Force. Check it out on Youtube, and leave a comment about who the Canadian Super-Squad should fight! You just might win the contest!


We’re working on a multi-media project about Female Friendships. Check out the Tumblr blog and join the conversation!

where the ground won't shake

Where the Ground Won’t Shake is in its “festival submission” stage. Keep an eye out for its premiere, sometime in 2013, we hope!


Nicholas is doing film and video work. Check him out HERE.
Lindsay still works part-time, while amassing a social media empire for various organizations.
The kids are the funnest and funniest.
The dog is getting old and…


WE GOT A KITTEN! Her name is Robot. We love her.


<3 <3 <3 Bise-en-Scene

New Bio for LBE

January 24, 2013

The kids helped me to write a new bio:

Super silly. A great Mum. She is so nice. She makes good cookies and good songs. She has great special pens; they look very beautiful. She works at church. She likes her two little girls.

A True Story of Good News

January 7, 2013

And then there were all of those dead cows, one by one, torn
to pieces on the tracks. The power company had
downed a fence and the cows escaped. But being
winter on the prairies, the snow drifts were high. Only
the railroad tracks rose through the snow, forming
a pathway to freedom. Single file, sixteen cows marched,
those proud brave pioneers. The train came,

full speed, took them out, one by one, spraying cow bits
over the undisturbed snow. The conductor shivered, felt
a drum beat, sixteen times it thumped before it stopped.

Shortly after, my father snowmobiled past, but returned again
with an empty wagon, filling it for the dogs.
My uncle joined him, his own furry mouths to feed,
and then they left. Until

the next snowfall, this mile or so
of railway track in this remote prairie field
was outlined with a spray of
red brown blood, one by one,

sixteen dead cows had lived and died for the dogs. Praise them.


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